7 Ways Marketers Should Be Using AI

February 2, 2024

In the dynamic realm of marketing, captivating audiences with compelling content is the cornerstone of building enduring brand connections. As technology continues to shape the landscape, one innovation stands out: generative AI. Tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney are revolutionising marketing practices, offering unprecedented efficiency and creativity. In this article, we will reveal picks, tips, and tricks for marketers.

Let's dive into the strategies that can be used.

Crafting Stunning Visuals

Generative AI revolutionizes the realm of visual marketing by offering a diverse array of imaginative creations. From captivating ads to product images set in diverse scenarios, the possibilities are endless—all without the need for costly photoshoots. We recommend tools Dall-E3 and Midjourney

TIP: Generative AI often struggles with creating exact wording or brand logos; we find much better results importing the AI-generated image into Canva, laying the logo, slogan, and any other text necessary on top or behind for powerful marketing images.

AI generated image of brain and lightbulb merged, imported to Canva for campaign branding.

The beauty of it all lies in the simplicity of the process—natural language prompts serve as the conduit for unleashing the creative prowess of generative AI. With just a few keystrokes, you can envision and actualize captivating visuals that captivate audiences and elevate brand presence. To elevate your prompt engineering skills enrol in our Prompting 101 course.

Crafting Compelling Marketing Copy

Generative AI emerges as a versatile copilot for crafting persuasive narratives across various marketing channels. From captivating emails to enticing ad copy, from engaging blog posts to social media updates, and even finely-tailored product descriptions and ad scripts, the potential is boundless.

Moreover, generative AI adapts seamlessly to your brand's unique voice and adheres meticulously to brand guidelines. Its intuitive interface requires no prior software programming expertise; instead, it responds effortlessly to natural language prompts. For instance, simply prompt, "Compose an Instagram caption highlighting our exclusive free delivery offer this month, complete with relevant hashtags." Although prompting is an art, to get desired outputs, you will need to up your skills and, as mentioned earlier, explore our Prompting 101 Course.

Igniting Innovation with Fresh Ideas

Generative AI extends its prowess beyond textual creation to spark innovation in brainstorming sessions. Progressive marketers leverage their capabilities to cultivate a reservoir of fresh concepts that invigorate creativity. From video advertisements showcasing cutting-edge designs to engaging social media campaigns, generative AI ignites the imagination with an abundance of novel ideas.

TIP: Visit OpenAI's playground. Turn the toggle to 'Chat', then in the 'System Prompt' write, "You are a creative and outside the box thinker." Use the slider on the right to dial up 'Temperature', helping the AI to get more creative. Ask it to create the most relevant starting point for your project.

Using OpenAI Playground to ignite creativity

Video Generation

Harness the power of generative AI to revolutionize your video content creation endeavors. From captivating social media ads to compelling product demonstrations, the possibilities are boundless. Embrace innovative tools like Pictory, which empower you to transform textual content into captivating videos seamlessly.

We also recommend Canva for short animation creations, if you are interested in training in these tools contact us at info@digitalbricks.ai

Sentiment Analysis

While we've emphasized content creation and ideation, let's not overlook the analytical prowess of generative AI. Imagine effortlessly analyzing social media mentions to discern whether sentiments lean positive, negative, or neutral—no data analysis expertise required. With generative AI, extracting powerful customer insights becomes as simple as making a request.

Moreover, as generative AI continues to evolve, its capabilities are seamlessly integrating into existing analysis tools. This integration enhances users' ability to dissect data and unveil valuable insights, paving the way for more informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Tailoring Campaigns with Precision

Enter the era of hyper-targeted marketing, where generative AI unveils a realm of possibilities for crafting tailored campaigns across diverse customer segments. Take Meta, for instance, pioneering tools that enable businesses to effortlessly generate multiple versions of Facebook ads, each finely tuned to resonate with specific audiences through distinct text and imagery.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn introduces Accelerate, a feature designed for B2B marketers to streamline ad campaign setup and automate optimization, promising tailored creative content creation in just five minutes—a game-changer in the realm of B2B advertising.

The momentum continues as generative AI tools expand their horizons, incorporating robust personalization functionalities. Enter Adobe's Experience Cloud, a comprehensive suite boasting the Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Journey Optimizer, and Adobe Analytics. Leveraging AI, these tools unravel insights on customer journeys, behaviors, and engagement, laying the foundation for automatic generation of hyper-personalized content.

Adobe Experience Cloud

Crafting Memorable, Personalized Experiences

Beyond crafting targeted ads, generative AI sparks innovation by curating enjoyable, personalized experiences that captivate customers. Consider the partnership between superstar footballer Lionel Messi and PepsiCo, where a deepfake version of Messi became the face of the Lays chips brand.

The Lays Messi Message campaign, an ingenious fusion of technology and personalization. Users were invited to create bespoke messages from Messi to themselves, available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish—a testament to the power of generative AI in fostering genuine connections and memorable interactions.

The Messi Message Campaign from PespiCo owned Lay's

Embrace the Future of Marketing or Risk Falling Behind

Generative AI is reshaping the landscape of marketing, offering businesses an unprecedented edge in content creation. From dynamic visuals to compelling narratives, generative AI enables brands to craft engaging experiences swiftly and cost-effectively.

As businesses embrace the possibilities of generative AI, they unlock new avenues for creativity, innovation, and market relevance. It's not merely a tool for efficiency—it's a catalyst for marketing evolution, propelling brands towards a future where creativity knows no bounds and engagement thrives on authenticity.

For more information on AI tool training for your marketing team and our 'AI in a Day' workshops contact us here or send an enquiry to info@digitalbricks.ai