Ethical Horizons: Navigate AI with Integrity

Gain comprehensive knowledge of responsible AI development, ethical frameworks and societal impacts. Navigate data privacy, security and compliance.


  • Get Certified in Ethical Considerations for Artificial Intelligence
  • Extensive Whitepaper
  • Multiple Assignments including hypothetical business case study.
  • The AI Skills Gap Case Study
  • Understand Ethical AI in corporate environments
  • Data Privacy and Security Guidance around GDPR & CCPA
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AI Mastery: From Foundations to Innovation with Chat GPT


  • Module 1: Introduction to AI and NLP
  • Module 2: Fundamentals of using Chat GPT & 101 Prompting
  • Module 3: Building Blocks of Chatbots
  • Module 4: Working with Chat GPT in a professional space
  • Module 5: Ethics , Data Privacy and Future Trends of AI
  • Certification , Whitepapers , Video Courses , Assignments and 1000 Example Prompts
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Empowering Business with Microsoft Copilot: A Key User's Guide

For everyone that wants to add knowledge around Chatbots , Copilot , prompting and AI


  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Microsoft Copilot
  • Module 2: 101 Prompting
  • Module 3: Copilot in different Business Applications
  • Module 4: Copilot Studio Design your very own Assistants
  • Module 5: Advanced Business Strategy with Copilot
  • Module 6: Governance, Data Privacy & Ethics
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Unleash your true potential

Our main course AI and Chat GPT Mastery is divided in 4 sections allowing you to learn at your pace and preference

Learn AI fundamentals , start understanding Natural Language Programming & Leverage the power of Chat GPT

This course is designed to give you an basic overview of the capabilities Artificial Intelligence and especially Chat GPT has to offer. Learn the theoretical background and different prompting techniques.

Learn how to automate your business with advanced bots

Chatbots like Power Virtual Agents from Microsoft or Chat GPT are dominating the modern world in the future they will act as your personal assistans in digital as well as the real world. Communication with and the building of a chatbot will be a critical skill for the workforce of tomorrow. 

Chat GPT for Business Professionals

Empower yourself with the professional course and learn how chat gpt can help you streamline operations with the right prompts. No matter if you are working in HR , Finance , Data & Analytics or any other Job Role we all can benefit from a personal assistant and this course is designed to teach you how

The Skill of the future

The basic , advanced and professional course all include the 101 Prompting section if you are more a hands on person on want to learn how to write the perfect prompt within a single module then this is designed for you!

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