Use expanded Copilot for Service capabilities in your CRM

July 1, 2024

In February, Microsoft Announced the general availability of Copilot for Service,, which helps organizations realize the benefits of generative AI by extending their existing investments in CRM and contact center solutions. Copilot for Service helps quicken agents’ time to resolution by assisting them with common tasks using the full context of the customer journey.

With pre built integrations for common CRMs, you can embed Copilot for Service inside the agent desktop to help agents be more productive and create seamless customer experiences across channels.

Today, Microsoft are introducing several new capabilities in Copilot for Service to further support agents working in their CRM of choice.

Email assistance

Copilot can help agents draft emails to answer customer queries. Using the context of customer records and actions, such as cases and emails, Copilot can provide an email draft written in the voice of the organization. Agents can review and alter the draft as needed before sending, and they can adjust the tone. With Copilot, agents can spend less time authoring and more time helping customers solve complex issues.

Context-aware multiturn chats

When an agent is involved in a customer conversation, they sometimes encounter difficult questions they can’t answer on their own. Instead of making a customer wait while they ask a colleague or conduct research, agents can ask Copilot a question. Copilot identifies the agent’s intent and understands the context of CRM data, including customer records and cases, so it can provide answers tailored to service scenarios and better support the resolution of customer issues.

Case summarization

With case summarization capabilities, Copilot understands which case an agent may be working on and summarizes the details for them, so agents can ramp up on their assigned cases faster. Armed with the most important aspects of a case, agents can then reduce time to resolution for customers. And because Copilot understands the context of CRM data, agents can be confident that they are giving customers the most informed answers.

Real-time streaming

When agents use Copilot to write an email response or ask a question, including multiturn questions, they can read the generated responses on the user interface incrementally, without having to wait for the entire response to be generated. Agents can also choose to stop Copilot from generating a response and start fresh. This helps reduce wait times and gives agents a chance to refine their requests if needed.

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