The AI Skills Gap

January 15, 2024

Despite the widespread investment in AI, over half of organizations face a significant hurdle: the lack of skilled in-house talent to execute their AI strategies. In our comprehensive study, 'The AI Skills Gap,' 93% of organizations prioritize AI as a business imperative, with ongoing or planned projects. However, a staggering 51% admit to lacking the necessary skilled AI talent, hindering the realization of their strategies. This deficiency in skilled talent stands as the foremost barrier impeding AI initiatives' progress.

Our in-depth report delves into the AI Skills Gap, elucidating its significance and its profound implications for businesses like yours. We examine the root causes of this gap, its pervasive impact across industries, and most crucially, strategies to navigate and overcome this challenge.

Click this link to download our report for free: "The AI Skills Gap: Seizing The Opportunity"