AI Upskilling India

March 21, 2024

The winds of change are sweeping through India's workforce, and the driving force is artificial intelligence. New research by Amazon Web Services (AWS) paints a picture of a future brimming with opportunity for those with AI expertise. But it also reveals a crucial challenge – a race against time to upskill the workforce and bridge the gap between surging demand and limited talent.

Get ready for a raise! Workers with AI skills could see their salaries skyrocket by over 54%, with those in IT and R&D leading the pack with potential increases of 65% and 62% respectively. This isn't just a pipe dream – nearly all employers (a staggering 99%) envision their companies becoming AI-driven by 2028. From finance and IT to R&D and sales, every sector is recognising the immense value AI brings to the table.

But this rapid adoption creates a double-edged sword. While the demand for AI talent soars, with 96% of employers prioritising these skills, a significant portion (79%) struggle to find qualified candidates. This highlights a critical gap – a workforce hungry for knowledge (95% across generations are interested in acquiring AI skills) but lacking clear pathways and training opportunities.

Bridging this gap requires a collaborative effort. Governments, industries, and educators need to work together to develop and implement AI training programs specifically designed for businesses. Simultaneously, workers need guidance in matching their newly acquired AI skills to the most suitable roles.

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The future is undeniably AI-powered. AI skills are becoming the golden ticket to innovation, competitiveness, and career advancement. But it's crucial to remember that the ethical application of AI is paramount. Upskilling in AI, combined with a strong foundation in ethical principles, is the key to unlocking sustainable economic growth and inclusive development in India.

The message is clear: the time to upskill is now. By harnessing the power of AI and empowering its workforce, India can position itself as a global leader in the AI revolution. Let's get skilling, India!