AI Revolution: Redefining Tomorrow's Workforce

December 26, 2023

Since its inception in November 2022, ChatGPT has catalyzed a transformative wave, positioning generative artificial intelligence (AI) as a pivotal force within the business landscape.

Assessments regarding its potential for increased productivity coincide with concerns about its impact on the job market. Goldman Sachs approximates that generative AI could automate up to 300 million existing jobs.

Here are three profound ways AI is poised to reshape the future of work:

1. AI Driving Job Creation

According to the WEF Future of Jobs survey, businesses foresee artificial intelligence generating more jobs than it displaces over the next five years. Nearly half (49%) of surveyed companies anticipate AI adoption leading to job creation, surpassing the 23% expecting job displacement.

Professions intertwined with AI—such as data scientists, big data specialists, and business intelligence analysts—are projected to witness a substantial surge in demand, estimated at 30 to 35%, reaching heights of 45% within Chinese enterprises.

Additionally, the count of companies appointing a "head of AI" has more than tripled over the past five years, indicating a 13% growth since December 2022 based on LinkedIn data.

Concurrently, job search engine Adzuna has identified the emergence of new job titles in the past year, including roles like "prompt engineer." These positions typically focus on refining AI systems, particularly enhancing conversational AI interfaces for efficient user interactions.

2. Emphasis on AI Skills in Businesses

Within corporations boasting over 50,000 employees, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data reign supreme as top-priority skills. Surpassing 25 other skill clusters, leveraging AI for enhanced business performance emerges as the foremost investment area for skills development, according to this year's Future of Jobs survey.

In the broader landscape encompassing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) alongside multinational corporations, AI and big data rank second only to analytical and creative thinking in strategic skills development from 2023 to 2027.

Digital Bricks: Empowering Professionals for Tomorrow's Workforce

Digital Bricks is committed to equipping professionals with the expertise necessary to navigate and excel in the evolving workforce landscape. Our specialized AI training initiatives empower individuals and businesses to proactively prepare for the future, leveraging artificial intelligence to drive innovation and success.

3. Task Augmentation, Not Automation, by AI

Contrary to earlier forecasts, this year's Future of Jobs report indicates a shift in business perspectives regarding AI's potential to entirely automate work tasks. Executives now estimate that only 34% of tasks are presently automated, with a mere one percentage point increase compared to figures reported in the 2020 Future of Jobs Report.

Anticipations regarding future automation have also been revised downwards, signaling a slower progression in the convergence of human-machine collaboration than previously anticipated. Respondents predict that an additional 9% of operational tasks will undergo automation within the next five years, marking a decline from earlier expectations.

There's a growing consensus emphasizing that AI is more likely to augment human capabilities rather than replace them entirely. An AI experts' survey from June last year supports this, suggesting that managerial skills are poised for augmentation rather than full automation by AI.

While tasks involving information gathering and straightforward decision-making might be completely automated, leadership and creative thinking skills are expected to remain largely unaffected by AI's influence. This evolving perspective underscores the nuanced role AI is expected to play in enhancing human performance across diverse domains.

Digital Bricks' Mission to Educate for AI Adoption

As the AI revolution reshapes industries, Digital Bricks stands as a beacon, committed to educating and empowering millions for seamless AI integration. Our specialized AI training initiatives prepare individuals and businesses for the transformative landscape ahead. By fostering AI expertise, Digital Bricks ensures readiness for a future where innovation converges with AI-driven success. Join us at Digital Bricks to embrace the potential of AI and equip yourself for a workforce where human ingenuity merges seamlessly with technological advancement.


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